“Miss Teacher Lady!”

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I’m killin’ this teacher thing.  Thirteen years has given me the confidence to speak that into the universe.  I. Am. Killing. This.

Lies!  Y’all, those are lies!  Thirteen years at this thing has taught me that I’m not killing it, have never been killing it, and never will be killing this teacher thing.  Every year is different.  Every semester is different.  Every month is different.  Every day is different.  Every student is different.

You know what’s NOT different?  The stories.  The stories that your precious offspring bring to show-and-share’s around the world.  Priceless does not even begin to describe these insights into your homes, your weekends, your families.

These nuggets give me life. 

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Going Green…ish

I mentioned that I’m attempting to go organic and natural.  Key word: attempting.  Like, I’m giving it a good ole college try.  Both my SIL’s have been hinting at eating organic, changing lotions and skincare regimens, switching deoderants, and using natural remedies for illness.  Ok, let’s be real…by “hinting” I mean dropping bombs.  Like, almost sidewalk-gathering, sign-making, shout-it-all-together demands for change–NO meat!  Make your own deoderant!  Elderberry syrup!  No sugar!  Dairy-free!  I have 15 chickens in my suburban yard!  I mean, I almost expect to see hairy armpits and vans down by the river soon.  All this pressure finally peaked my interest.  I mean, I wanna be a cool kid, too…

2019 is my year to clean our systems.  Ok, ok…to a point.  Let me be clear, I have some very boujee, non-organic, unnatural habits.  For example:

  • I dye my hair a range of colors every 8-9 weeks.  Judging by their scent, I’m going to confidently say that they are not plant-based or natural.
  • I have my nails done every 3 weeks.  I believe it’s safe to assume that the dip powder and chemicals used to soak it off are NOT all-natural or organic.
  • I drive an SUV.  It uses a lot of gas.  In my defense, I mentioned my two boys–they play every sport imaginable…and sometimes they get on my nerves.  I need the back seat.  Aaannnddd the back-back seat.

So, with those exceptions–because, let’s be honest, I’m not ready to give them up–I’ve decided that 2019 is our year for cleaner systems. Continue reading “Going Green…ish”

A Piece of my Fabric

Therapy Session #1: Narcissism

Remember when I told y’all I don’t see a therapist anymore?  Well, here you are…about the kill it as my new confidant.  Let’s put your mad skills to use.  Pen and paper out…session #1 begins now.

I am divorced.  Quite happily, actually.  The fifteen-year relationship I deemed the most important in my life at the time was dark, unpredictable, unhealthy, and fake.  I stepped into the light…tentatively and with lots of hesitation, but stepped nonetheless…and have never looked back in longing or regret.  Not ever.

My ex-husband and I dated for seven years before tying the knot.  I knew.  I knew he wasn’t  the one.  I knew he had a major issue.  I knew I was going down a dark path…possibly one of no return.  But, I’m stubborn.  I’m not a quitter.  I like to be right, to prove people wrong, and to fix problems.  He was a problem that I couldn’t fix, but I wouldn’t accept that for fifteen years. Continue reading “A Piece of my Fabric”

Jump in, feet first

Just like cold water, there’s no better way to get used to it–jump in, feet first!  So, here I am…wingin’ this blogging thing, this teacher thing, this momma thing…just wingin’ this life thing!

I’m Abbey, y’all.  I’m a momma.  I’m an early childhood teacher.  I’m a divorcee.  I’m dating.  I’m trying to go organic and natural (to a point, let’s not get crazy).  I’m finding my faith.  And I. Am. Strugglin’.  At all of it.  Like, forreal.  I mean, does anyone have this thing under control?  Ever?  I feel like just when my confidence is up, the universe says, “SIKE!”

So, I’m going to share some of my experiences with y’all.  I’m hoping I can make some of you feel normal (is that a thing?), give some of you a little confidence (you ARE rockin’ this life), shed some light on things (nobody’s a genius at everything), and clear my head and heart in the process.

I don’t see a therapist anymore, so you are it.  Get ready.  You got this.

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